Charles Montgomery

Were-Gorilla Cab Driver



Human Form Skills:

  1. Presence, Conviction, Discipline, Stealth, Guns
  2. Deceit, Intimidation, Empathy, Contacts
  3. Craftsmanship, Rapport, Resources
  4. Driving, Alertness

Gorilla Form Skills:

  1. Presence, Conviction, Discipline, Survival, ?
  2. Intimidation, Burglary, Stealth
  3. Alertness, Athletics
  4. Fists, Might
  5. Endurance

Mortal Stunts:

  • Alertness (Paranoid)
  • Craftsman (Car Mechanic)
  • Driving (Like the Back of My Hand)

Supernatural Powers:

  • Claws
  • Echoes of the Beast
  • Beast Change
  • Human Form (unavailable: strength)
  • Inhuman Strength
  • Inhuman Toughness (Catch: tbd)

Trouble Aspect: Hiding from the rich and murderous
Template: Were-form (custom)
Background: Fresh off the shady boat
Rising Conflict: Friends in low places
The Story: Family Sacrifice (guest starring Tara and Gregory) (Monty vs. the Cartel)
Other Notes: Illegal immigrant

Charles Montgomery

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