The Weird And The Wise - A Story Of Secrets

A Tangle of Tales

Character Creation

Charles Montgomery (“Monty”)
High Concept Aspect: Late-night were-gorilla cab driver
Appearance: Very dark skin
Trouble Aspect: Hiding from the rich and murderous
Template: Were-form (custom)
Background: Fresh off the shady boat
Rising Conflict: Friends in low places
The Story: Family Sacrifice (guest starring Tara and Gregory) (Monty vs. the Cartel)
Other Notes: Illegal immigrant

August Constantine
High Concept Aspect: Calamus Deo (“Arrow of God”)
Appearance: Black outfit, tall black staff with silver ankh on top
Trouble Aspect: Divided loyalties
Template: Wizard
Background: Heir to an ancient order
Rising Conflict: My Master’s Methods
The Story: First Blood (guest starring Ashley and Monty) (August vs. the black court)
Story Aspect: Too far down the rabbit’s hole
Story Aspect: The wrong place at the right time
Story Aspect: Holy Roller

Ashley Doyle
High Concept Aspect: Former-military Fellowship member
Trouble Aspect: Prodigal daughter returns (cop’s kid from the area; father’s enemies)
Template: Red court infected
Background: Semper Fidelis
Rising Conflict: The only easy day was yesterday
The Story: Bloody Returns (guest starring Monty and August) (Ashley vs. the red court)
Story Aspect: The impossible is done with the Lord’s help and a few good men and women

Tara Sorvali
High Concept Aspect: Werewolf Skeptic
Appearance: Tall, broad-shouldered and wide-hipped, pale, short blonde hair, blue eyes, jeans and t-shirts
Trouble Aspect: Scales on My Eyes
Template: Were-form
Background: Pass the Ketchup
Rising Conflict: Get Fuzzy
The Story: Slice and Splice (guest starring Gregory and Ashley) (Tara vs. the genetic experiment)
Aspect: Dust in My Hair, Stains on My Coat
Aspect: It’s a Zoo in Here!
Aspect: Chivalry, Gallantry, Lycanthropy
Other Notes: Knitter

Gregory Locks
High Concept Aspect: Knight of the Winter Court
Appearance: Big guy, long, braided red hair, motorcycle
Trouble Aspect: Adherent of the Knight’s code (duty, honor, glory)
Template: Knight of the Winter Court
Background: Ain’t that a kick in the head
Rising Conflict: About a girl
The Story: Ballroom Blitz (guest starring August and Tara) (Gregory vs. the Tunnel Snakes)

Chronology of stories:
1. Bloody Returns
2. Slice and Splice
3. Family Sacrifice
4. Ballroom Blitz
5. First Blood

Power Level: Chest-Deep (8 refresh, 30 skill points, skill cap at Superb)



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