The Weird And The Wise - A Story Of Secrets

Gorillas in the Midst

Scene 1: Tara’s office
The mood: It’s late, and the building is mostly dark and quiet.
Summary: In Tara’s office, a conversation takes place about recent events on the university campus-namely the rampage of an escaped mutant lab animal. The meeting is interrupted by an unexpected visit from Dr. Smith, a usually aloof faculty member who stops by to ask Tara to meet with him sometime. Shortly after he leaves, the power goes out. Sounds are heard in the hallway, coming from the labs and the crime scene.

Scene 2: Dr. Cranston’s lab
The mood: The air is thick with danger. The smell of blood is carried over the tile floor by frigid gusts from broken windows.
Summary: Thugs have murdered the police guard and are tearing apart one of Dr. Cranston’s lab rooms, looking for something. Seeing others arrive on the scene, the thugs make a break for it, one carrying a small box under an arm. Suddenly there’s a crashing sound from outside. The trunk of the getaway car explodes, but there is no fire or smoke. Instead, an angry gorilla bursts out, looking like a monstrous incarnation of wrath itself-and wearing bright yellow stretchy underwear. The next instant, more gorillas-the were-forms of the thugs in the office.



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