There’s a lot of weird stuff going on around here. Is this just the beginning, or something more? When Tara, a werewolf post-doc, helps the military investigate a creature rampage, she finds herself becoming a nexus of the weird. People say that a lot of supernatural big guns have been throwing their weight around. Innocent people are getting hurt, or worse. At the same time, powerful cartels are suddenly making power plays against the local crime lords. Can Tara help a half-vampire marine and a wizard of the white council get to the bottom of things? Add in a weregorilla cabbie and the knight of the winter court and things are sure to get interesting very quickly. Things are changing, and something is awakening. The city and its magic will never be the same.

The Weird And The Wise - A Story Of Secrets

mcpatriot MiskatonicRich Sudenveri zenbrian